Cobranding and Wholesale

Let's Collaborate!

Are you a business owner who is looking to add that special something to your store or brand? Briarwood Soap Co is open to both cobranding and wholesale options!

We would love to sit down with you to discuss various options for our collaboration! We can not only set up a sales plan, but you can select fragrances, designs, labeling, etc.! We want to make your experience with BSC as customizable as possible!

What is cobranding?

You have a brand....I have a brand. Could our brands go together like peanut butter and jelly?

Cobranding is when two companies come together to create a product that can be branded under BOTH companies. The product represents the uniqueness of each brand or company. Not only do both companies expand their reach, there will be a heightened brand awareness! Both companies form an alliance to not only design, but sell and promote the product for both parties. We both benefit.

Consider the following example: Our favorite chip brand, Doritos, paired with Taco Bell to create an incredible new taco shell! Both Taco Bell and Doritos have their brand names on the product and both are benefitting from the advertising and collaboration!


When it comes to wholesale, the sky is the limit!

BSC would take the role of the manufacturer and your business becomes the retailer who sells the product to the end user. BSC would sell to you at wholesale prices and you would be able to market them at any price you choose! You can have the choice to sell under the Briarwood Soap Company name or your private label.

Ready to talk business?

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